About Us

We are a community of volunteers who promote and organise social naturist activities in London, supported and assisted by British Naturism. We believe in the benefits to mind and body that social naturism can bring and welcome the participation of all regardless of age, sex, sexuality, race, religion or disability. You can find out more about our approach to naturism through our blog.

This site is intentionally just a simple noticeboard for publicising real world events. There are no picture galleries or forums here as the Internet has plenty already.

The Rule Book

  1. Respect
    • We expect participants to be respectful of others at all times.
    • Sexual behaviour is not appropriate at our events.
    • Photography is not permitted, unless with the express permission of participants.
    • Make the effort to say hello if you see someone new. We can all play a part in making our community warm and welcoming.
    • We are not a commercial operation, and rely on volunteers.  Sometimes things don't run smoothly, but with your help we can make things better.
  2. Be Naked
    • Events will not be clothing optional unless otherwise stated.
  3. Volunteer
    • We are purely a volunteer organisation. If you want us to continue and expand, please help as and where you can. More information here.

You can read our privacy statement here.

Ways to contact us directly can be found here.