Nude-ercise with Helen

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London Update

Helen is currently searching for a new venue for the London classes so, for the timebeing, there are no further London classes scheduled. For those living to the west of London, classes are running in Southampton, Bordon, Basingstoke and Reading.

In addition, Helen will be covering during Jools' maternity at Noah's Ark in Ewell.

Contact Helen via the form below for more information.

As featured in Daily Mirror and Daily Mail

Helen's first classes have been attracting considerable media attention.
See articles in Southampton Echo, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail.

Nude-ercise with Helen

Helen runs circuits style, exercise classes approximately fortnightly on Sundays in central London.

These will use mainly body weight exercises and team games and partner work will be incorporated, as well as own individual "best effort". Sessions will be adapted to suit all levels of fitness and will be fun and varied. The focus is on encouraging interaction within the class as well as delivering a challenging and achievable, full body workout. This will be a nudist activity, although women may choose to wear a sports bra for comfort.

Before or after the session you would also have the opportunity to attend the Naturist London Sunday Swim at the nearby Energybase pool. (additional, separate charges apply.)

For further information and booking enquiries, contact Helen via the form below.

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Helen also offers classes outside London. You can use the form above to enquire about those too but you may also like to visit her Nude-ercise page on Facebook (sign-in required).